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Welcome to the gallery of miscellaneous images. Most are related to pinball or pinball manufacturers but there are others of people and scenes related to other coin-ops.

Most of these images were cast-offs from Pinball Ad Catalog Volume 2, 1934-35. So initially, many are from that time period. Please buy the ad catalog from or other dealers!

Some images are pretty neat while others are for historical reference only. Others will be added in the future. Additions are welcome. I buy old photos, postcard and other paper items related to pinball and coin-op. Please contact me if you have anything to sell.

The pictures are organized into the categories as defined by the menus on the left margin.

Click on a category at left to begin viewing images.

All images are indexed to provide quick direct access to them. All images in a category can be viewed in sequence using the VCR-type buttons.

All images are property of Pinnovations and Terry Cumming, and should not be copied, displayed or reused without prior consent. Please do not directly link to individual images, as their location may change over time. Link to this page instead.

You will note that each image has the CoinOpImages URL plastered on it. This is to prevent easy outright image theft, and to prevent the images from being used for online auctions easily. Sorry for this intrusion, but in every case this "watermark" has been made as unobtrusive as possible.

Note that printed copies of some of these images are for sale for very reasonable prices. Where possible, that fact is noted in the description for the photo image. Any image can be printed for a small fee.

Last updated: March 22, 2003

© Terry Cumming, 2003