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Welcome to the gallery of images for sale in category: 1960s Color Pinball Flyers.

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The images here are for 1960s color Gottlieb pinball flyers. Most of these sold are from color laser copies of mint originals. Prints from digital files are also possible. These are generally sold in sets of 6 flyers per set (plus one set of Wedgeheads containing 10).

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1960s Sets For Sale

* - originals and copies are black and white plus one other color.

Set 1

  • Kings and Queens
  • Buckaroo
  • Bank-A-Ball
  • Central Park
  • Cross Town
  • King of Diamonds

Set 2

  • Egg Head*
  • Slick Chick*
  • Gigi*
  • Bowling Queen
  • Ice Revue
  • Sing Along

* - originals and copies are black and white plus one other color.

Set 3 - The Flipper Series

  • Flipper*#
  • Flipper Parade*
  • Flipper Fair*
  • Flipper Clown*
  • Flipper Cowboy*
  • Flipper Pool (black and white original)

# - "Flipper" was the first ever Add-A-Ball, and two copies are provided from the 4 page flyer original (encompassing the 3 relevant pages from the flyer).

Set 4

  • Foto Finish*
  • Aloha*
  • Majorettes*
  • North Star
  • Happy Clown
  • Skyline

Set 5

  • Ship Mates
  • Sea Shore
  • Dancing Lady (2 sided copy)
  • Royal Guard
  • Funland
  • Domino

Set 6 - The Wedgeheads

  • 1961 Showboat*
  • 1961 Big Casino*
  • 1962 Tropic Isle*
  • 1962 Cover Girl*
  • 1962 Olympics*
  • 1962 Rack-A-Ball*
  • 1963 Square Head*
  • 1963 Sweethearts*
  • 1964 World Fair*
  • 1966 Ice Show (original is black and white)

Image Index

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