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This area contains a place to view many of images for sale from Pinnovations.

Click on a category at left to begin viewing images.

For now, please go to the For Sale pages, to purchase pinball and coin-op related merchandise and ad images.

Currently black and white ad reproductions for 950 1930s and 1940s pinball games are listed for sale, as are books such as Pinball Ad Catalog Volumes 1 & 2 covering games from 1931-35.

One of the next targets will be to finish indexing all of the 1940s pinball ads available, as well as 1930s-1940s ads for other coin-op devices such as jukeboxes, skee balls, slot machines, arcade shooting games, cranes and diggers, roll down games, vending machines, punchboards, cigarette ads, etc. Currently there are ads for over 300 coin-op machines, mostly 1940s but some from the 1920s and 1930s also.

If you are interested in high quality ads copies for any type of game/device listed above, please contact me! In addition to credit card payments through the shopping cart set up at, PayPal, cheques and money orders are accepted as payment for items.

Keep in mind that I have spent thousands of dollars building up a collection of good information sources, and many hundreds of hours working on these web sites and performing digital ad editing. Please forgive me if I try to recoup some of that money back by selling ad images. I aint rich! Your support (both moral and financial) is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Last updated: May 5, 2005

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